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Oxytone 50 fast gains.

Oxytone 50 is one of the most potent oral steroids you will find available in today market. The brand name Oxytone 50 is Oxymetholone and there are various brands that you will find out there and clinically is used in the treatment of osteoporosis and muscle growth.

Bodybuilders find this drug useful when entering the bulking phase of their cycles. It is a very good at providing increases in strength and great for weight gains and body mass. It is also good for the joints of weight lifters because of its ability to retain water and thereby lubricate the joints. It will not

It will give an increase in strength and weight quite quickly but some of the side effects can include headaches and bloating as well masculinizing effects. Anadrol can be toxic to the liver if used over prolonged periods although some body builders disagree with this.The usual dose is one 50mg tablet per day (certainly no more than two per day) for maximum 5 weeks at a time. Many bodybuilders use it at the start of a cycle to get an initial boost. It is also thought that anadrol helps protect joints during work-outs because of a build up of fluids in the joints. An anti-estrogen such as clomid, nolvadex or provironum is recommended when taking this product

Most brands produce this drug in 50 mg tablets and if your using it to bulk then the suggested dose would be 1 tab per day for the first seven days and then 2 tabs (100 mg) each day for the remainder of your cycle. It should be noted too that this drug should always be taken with food.

While this is one of the most powerful compounds for creating very fast gains, users also report that once the administration has stopped, gains are also lost very fast. This is one reason that most bodybuilders use it when leading up to competition. It is usually stacked with Nolvadex and Proviron.