Letrozole – 2.5mg x 30 tablets by Asia Pharma



Letrozole is employed treat early breast cancer in girls WHO have practiced climacteric (change of life; finish of monthly emission periods) and WHO have had other treatments, like radiation or surgery to get rid of the growth. It’s additionally wont to treat early carcinoma in girls WHO have practiced climacteric and WHO have already been treated with a drugs known as antagonist (Nolvadex) for five years.

Letrozole is also utilized in women WHO have practiced climacteric as a primary treatment of breast cancer that has unfold among the breast or to alternative areas of the body or in girls whose breast cancer has worsened whereas they were taking antagonist. Letrozole is in a very category of medicines known as no steroidal aromatizing inhibitors. It works by decreasing the number of sex hormone made by the body. This will slow or stop the expansion of some styles of breast cancer cells that require estrogen to grow.

Name: Letrozole
Substance: Letrozole, Femara
Content: 2.5mg x 30 tablets
Manufacturer: Asia Pharma