Cypionax – 200mg/ml x 5 amps by Body Research



Cypionax is similar like the human sex hormone which can increase the improve the performance of the athletes and bodybuilders. Testosterone Cypionate is a good source of testosterone for the body building. The testosterone hormone has a high activity in the male person which is able to give a man high strength and stamina and this hormone is able to promote a better sexual drive.

Cypionate is able to increase the energy content of the user’s and due to high activity this testosterone called the father of the bodybuilding steroids. The anabolic androgenic capacity is high in the Testosterone Cypionate. Cypionate can increase the nitrogen content to increase the protein synthesis which increases the satellite cell. This steroids Testosterone Cypionate can increase the solid muscle which replenishes the loss of muscle from the user’s body.

The Testosterone Cypionate ha also androgenic capacity which can burn the body fat from the user’s body. This body building drug often increases the muscle mass and muscle fiber. The Testosterone Cypionate often increase the strength of the bone and increase the production of the red blood cell. This drug sometimes recommended to treat the anemia and osteoporosis.

The Testosterone Cypionate is an oil based injectable steroids taken into the muscle of the users. The activity of the anabolic steroids is more than 21 days which is helpful for the user’s as they don’t inject it daily. The injected Testosterone Cypionate can starts work just immediately after injected into the muscle.

Effective dosage 200-600 mg / week.

Name: Cypionax
200mg/ml x 5 amps
Substance: Testosterone Cypionate
Manufacturer: Body Research